I have six mouths to feed…


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Instructions from a flashlight.
“Kellery” and “bellary” = battery (I think…).

Watch This Kid Have a Meltdown When His Dad Puts on the Donald Trump Mask


Poor little guy!

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A Man Flushes 240 Lbs of Mercury Down a Toilet Because… Reasons?

We have so many questions. 

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This Maniac Spent £20,000 on Surgery to Look Like David Beckham, and We’re Extremely Confused


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Martin Shkreli Is Staging an Auction to Let One Very Lucky Person Punch Him in the Face, and the Internet’s Already Fired Up

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Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming about punching Martin Shrekli in the face amidst the plethora of irritating news about the latest dumb thing the jackass said? Yeah, well, turns out Shkreli is feeling extra charitable these days; and in an attempt to raise money for the son of his friend Mike Kulich–the XHamster publicist who passed away–he’s letting the highest bidder punch him in the face.

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When Your Pet Python Gives Your Head a Great Big Hug, You May Want to Start Rethinking Your Choice in Pets

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After This Guy Found out His Sister Had Been Killed in a Car Crash, He Got Help from One Truly Awesome Cop


On Sunday at 3 in the morning Mark Ross was notified that his sister, Eliza Fletcher (15 years old) had been killed in a car crash. Inside Edition reports that Trooper J. Davis ended up pulling their car over for speeding over 100mph; and that when Davis determined that Ross had an outstanding warrant and that his license had been suspended, he ended up towing their car.

Fast forward a bit, and Ohio State Highway Patrol Sergeant David Robinson showed up and saved the day!

Ross also went on to share some texts he’d exchanged with his sister mere weeks ago. May she rest in peace.

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Don’t You Hate It When You Lock Your Keys in the Car?

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These Parenting "Wins" Are Iffy at Best, some of Them Are Outright Fails


These people on Twitter are declaring their parenting “wins” but…we’re not too sure how right they are about that.

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Sad Bernie Sanders Watching the Debate Is All of Us

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Bernie Sanders was definitely watching the debate last night and this picture pretty much encapsulates the way most people are feeling. Needless to say, many people captioned and memed it, so here they are.

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