These 28 Adulthood Tweets Are Painfully Relatable

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Anyone else out there not feel like adulting today?

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Youtuber Highlights a Very Real Danger Associated With Pregnancy: Mispellings

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Dad’s Security Camera Catches His Son Putting In Hard Work on the Night Moves

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Let These Halloween Decorations Inspire You With Some Truly Terrifying Situations

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Tired of that boring old skeleton hanging in a tree? Well, try these more modern decorations instead.

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Be Thankful That the Characters on The Walking Dead Don’t Use Facebook

Though, I guess they’d need the internet for that, huh? 

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It’s a Maserpiece!

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Watch This Toddler Try and Fail to Entertain a Kitty With a Laser Pointer

Kitteh is not entertained by your childish games, boy.

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If it starts going south, just end with Bong.


The crew really started to gel…then bong.

Photo courtesy of Orsen Fellows.
Jacket spotted in Japan.

Stick and Ball Coordination is Good (if You Have it)

Can’t play video

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Tom Cruise Acts out His Entire Career on the Late Late Show with James Corden

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