Girls Are Naming Their Vaginas Based off the Last Movie They Watched, and It’s a Blockbuster!


Sometimes a hashtag will come out of nowhere and surprise the world with its greatness. This is one of those hashtags.

Nearly every woman on Twitter is getting in on #NameYourVagina. Girls are tweeting the name of the last movie they watched and BOOM a name for their vagina is born. The more horrifying the movie the better.

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Obama Was Caught Wearing Virtual Reality Goggles, and the Internet Brewed up an Epic Photoshop Battle

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Good Guy Citizen Catches Philadelphia Tow Truck Company Baiting Cars and Towing Them

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When You Go Too Hard and Try to Play it Cool, But Then You Barf

When a between-inning ribbon dancing contest gets to be a little too much #NotTop10 @SportsCenter

— Charleston RiverDogs (@ChasRiverDogs) August 26, 2016

Poor girl went too hard on a between-inning ribbon dance and then couldn’t play it cool.

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Happy 4th Grader Has the Most Adorable Interview About His First Day of School

“Hello students!”

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You Grow So Much Before Senior Year, You’re Almost Unrecognizable

win image girl takes picture as mulan for school id

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Watch The Way This Young Amtrak Worker Honors a 99 Year Old WW2 Veteran

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Celebrate National Dog Day With This Awesome List of Our Favorite Dog Memes


No, this is not a collection of every dog meme ever created. It’s also not a list of the most “popular” dog memes on the interwebs. It’s just an assortment of our favorites. Enjoy!

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It’s not a tumor


Great…now I need faux chemotherapy.

Photo courtesy of Andy Balk.
Found at a buffet in Matsue, Japan. 

No Thank You Nature Video of the Day: F*ck Ton of Midges Attack Scottish Dude

trending video news mosquito midges attack scotland

Falkirk Outdoors education officer/photographer Craig McLaren had an encounter with a mindfuck of biting midges in the Cairngorm mountains in the eastern Highlands of Scotland:

Thankfully, Google and the National Parks Service today offered up free 360-degree tours of the National Parks. Coincidence, I think not.

I’m staying indoors after that shit.

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